We live what we preach. Every day we go beyond the call of duty to achieve our mission to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: food, energy, water, security, global health, education, environment, poverty and space.

To guide us in our mission, we follow our seven core beliefs:



We believe in transparency and trust in each individual’s ability to create unparalleled value for our customers. This places an extraordinary demand on each and every one of us to push for exceptional results through strong entrepreneurship, authentic curiosity, immense self-motivation and a willingness to change and challenge the norm, as well as an unerring passion for doing what others might perceive as impossible.

Humble Leadership


We believe in leadership that is humblecoachingsupportive and focused on creating a positive environment for all of us, where we can continue to grow, develop, gain new insights and break down mental walls that might be holding us back as individuals or our clients and their businesses. We believe that a leader’s role is to create results and promote cooperation between individuals and groups to gain and deliver beyond the call of duty. The key is not to describe how things should be done to reach the target but instead to ask the why question and to give guidance when needed.



We believe in making decisions based on facts, both for our clients’ operations and internally in our own operation. We use indicators to measure how the business is doing and always take the results seriously. We honor success by rewarding and promoting achievements.


We believe in openness and trust towards and among employees, managers, partners and clients, in terms of information and knowledge–sharing. Additionaly, we believe in always challenging ourselves to achieving better results and becoming better people.


We believe in a stated, long-term and established vision for the company. This is the basis for the company’s strategy and goals. However, we will continuously evaluate and question this vision based on what is happening in the outside world, which requires that we are never satisfied, arrogant, lazy or less curious as to what is happening around us.


We believe in encouraging everyone to dare to take the initiative, to take risks and to challenge, and this applies to our clients, as well as to our employees and managers. This attitude will develop the business and create innovation, rather than risking stagnation by sticking to the status quo. It’s OK to fail – but it’s not OK not to try, not to learn or to make the same mistake repeatedly without learning from that mistake.



We believe in diversity – not only in gender but also backgroundethnicityageeducation and personality. We believe that diversity is the key to going where others do not dare, to living our mission, and to delivering results beyond what was perceived as possible.