IMBB Innovation Management Black Belts™

Be awarded with Innovation360’s “IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™” that highlights success in the recipient and guarantees that they boast integrity, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of Innovation Management. The IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™ community are at home in our inner circle, and those who achieve the Second Dan (which is also called the Master Black Belt) or higher are part of the faculty that develops our methods and tools. If you attain your Master Black Belt, you can also aid as an instructor at our accreditations. All those with an IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™ are active practitioners and annually invited to in-depth closed sessions, on a rotating schema, from continent to continent – giving them the chance to mold the future of innovation management.

We, hereby, proudly announce all our IMBB Innovation Management Black Belts™.

IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™ Grading Events

IMBB Black Belt™ Diploma

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